Hi, I’m an Italian Architect with a great passion for the Drawing. As far as I can remember, I’ve always drawn, at least since I was five years old.

My life revolves around the Drawing. In fact, aside from architectural projects (I’m specialized low-energy buildings design), I am a graphic-illustrator and a sketching and visual communication teacher, in private graphic and design schools and in charge of artistic workshops.

I was lucky to fall in love and marry a woman who likes my drawings 😉

To my students often say that the Drawing is a universal language that allows communication between people of different nationalities, cultures and professions, even through the Time.
Before this, it’s a powerful tool that allows us to understand the real world and to give substance to our visions.

In an image-dominated age, in which everyone edits already-made pictures, the knowledge that some people are able to create them, it’s for me costant source of interest and amazement.
So, this blog would be a little diary of some my esperiences and discoveries about and around this subject.

I hope You like it.

L i v i u s


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