Take your wife and run away (by bike)

Today, June 26th, me and my fiancée Anna got married (you’ve realized that this post was written a few days later).
Our marriage was been minimalist: everything was essential, but all was beautiful (as I wrote in May 30th post, the wedding announcements and favors are made by us). Above all, it has caused a sensation, that the future husband (i.e. me) was arrived at City Hall on a bike. The reason has not been a desire for originality, or eco-sustainability. It was a historical recalling.

In May 1943, my maternal grandfather used the same bike to go to marry. My grandfather was a tenant farmer and had not a car (anyway, in those times, few Italians had it ). So, he pedaled for 12 kilometers going from his hometown to a small town parish near Milan, bringing grandmother on the bicycle bar. When I discovered this, I decided that I would do the same, 67 years later. I thought I would be considered eccentric but, my best man told me he would come by bike too and my future wife that she was determined to be worn on the bike bar, like my grandmother.

On leaving the city hall after the ceremony officiated by Paolo, my dearest lawyer friend, Anna and I found ourselves surrounded by a cloud of … soap bubbles.
Not wanting to spoil the rice and throw in a sign of hope (in a world where every day millions of people starving, is obscene throw food on the ground) our relatives and friends had the idea to blow soap bubbles (with shoot-bubbles guns).

So, amidst the bubbles, the newlyweds mounted on the grandfather’s bicycle and headed to the cafeteria on the piazza (just few meters), where, under a gazebo, was set up the wedding buffet.
But you don’t know if there’s something that excites us Italians, after soccer, is… cycling.

As we passed, people came out from shops and café to see us and started to cheer. Relatives and friends were excited, and because they wanted to photograph and film us, have asked us don’t stop at the gazebo, but to do a full tour of the piazza.
So, after having cycled for three laps, the couple were finally able to stop and enjoy the wedding party.

Anyway, Anna and I enjoyed it (we were as beautiful as Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”, but without the Vespa). So, we decided that we’ll make the same at our first anniversary. But she will pedal. 😉


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2 Responses to Take your wife and run away (by bike)

  1. Laura says:

    Congratulazioni! O forse dovrei dirti… auguri. Nel senso che ti auguro ti vada meglio di come va alla maggior parte delle coppie sposate. Buon viaggio!

  2. liviusnotes says:

    The movie quote is not out of place: in “Roman Holiday”, Hepburn and Peck are stopped by cops because they travel on a Piaggio’s Vespa, breaking every road rules. However, they’re acquitted by the judge, because Gregory Peck tells him they were going to marry.

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