Looking for an Aesthetics: 2010 Design Week

In spite of the economic crisis, this year too the Design Week in Milan (since April 14th to 19th) has recorded a great affluence of visitors.  Beside the institutional “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” (49 th edition), the events of  the “Fuori Salone” (13 th edition) has animated quarters and ways in Milan.

Contested from someone, like a kind of local Fair kitsch, and from the residents of the zones interested too, dispossessed of  public spaces and parking zones (150 families in Via Savona), the “Fuori Salone” is however currently, in my mind, the most emblematic, stimulating and meaningful event of the Design Week, because it communicates  the democratic, trasforming and revolutionary idea of the Design, and bring the Fair “inside the city”, making really to appear Milan, for some days, in its vocation of Design capital.

My sketch of Francesco Lucchese's design products for Hi Macs® - LG Hausys®

The main trends of 2010, have been confirmed those of past year: attention to the ecological sustainibility and experimentation with new materials. About the first subject, often the ecology is an “intention”, more than a real application. However interesting, the experimentations in the field of lighting system LED.

About the second topic, they have been exposed  alluring products realized with the new composite materials, made  with mixtures of  acrylic resins and metallic or mineral  aggregates.
Beside the best known materials as: Corian® by DuPont® and Hi Macs® by LG Hausys®, others composites show now oneselves, containing recycled aggregates, like Eco® by Cosentino Group® (25% of stone and ecological resin, 75% of recycled materials as glass, ceramics, vitrified ashes).

Translucent, thermo-connectable, workable like the wood, these materials express the spirit of our times, by now fascinated from liquid and sinuos shapes. Leaving apart the issue of their effective eco-sustainibility, it would be opportune to reason about what Aesthetic is more suitable to them. Organic forms? Fluid forms? “Design” forms? No-shape forms? Also the reinforced concrete, to the beginnings of XX the century, had to follow a trial, before finding its better expression.


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