A Good Model

In the life it’s important to have good models.
This is true in the Drawing too. In the years, one of the persons who more have lend themselves to sit for me, has been my brother Alberto.

He didn’t sit for me on purpose. Simply, I took advantage of his break moments – watching the TV, eating or sleeping – in order to make of the sketches. His skill was to move little and maintain a relaxed sitting.Here you see a pair of these sketches. They go back to many years ago. It’s nice to realize as they have recorded a moment of life, in a more intimate way than what it would have made a photo.When you make a sketch, is very important to try to draw detaching the less possible the pencil or pen from the sheet, nearly dancing your hand in a single flowing movement.


About liviusnotes

Architect, Graphic Illustrator, Drawing Teacher, Gentleman.
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One Response to A Good Model

  1. corna_laura says:

    E’ vero: fare uno schizzo è diversissimo dallo scattare una foto. Ti obbliga a notare ogni singolo dettaglio. E’ molto bello che il tuo modello fosse tuo fratello. Dimenticavo di dirti che gli schizzi sono molto belli, complimenti.

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