By night, do you never dream to fly?
In its essay “L’ Air et les Songes”, Gaston Bachelard (1884-1962) says that the dream to fly is not a simple expression of ours libido, but of a liberation process and inner transformation, than manifest itself in a beautiful and rewarding oneiric experience.

The illustration of this post was made in 208 in order to participate to a competition, organized from the municipality of Ithaca (yes, the Ulysses’ island). The competion demanded an image for great panels of street furniture, having for topic “The Dream to Fly”. Thinking to the Bachelard’s book (and to my flying dreams) I’ve realized that Icarus was the apt personage. But, instead to show it in flight towards the sun, I’ve turned over its story and I’ve imagined a nocturnal escape from a buildings “labyrinth”, towards the moon.

The image was produced putting with the computer three different sketches: Icarus, outlined drawn ; the skyscrapers, drawn in perspective with rule and square and the moon, drawn in chiaroscuro. Always with the computer, I have tried various color scheme. At the end, I have chosen a scheme with a color gradient from deep blue (the nocturnal city) to orange and red magenta (the moon). Icarus appears in transparency, showed up by some reflexes.

Below, you can see some of the other solutions taken in consideration: do someone appeals you more than that I’ve chosen?


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