Ligurian Watercolour

When I go in vacation, I always carry with me my watercolours box. If I find a good cue, a painting is an image and a memory stronger than any photography and video. Because in the painting we’re within: the painting is the record of our vision of that thing.

I’ve painted this watercolour in Liguria in Borgio Verezzi, a graceful municipality in the Riviera di Ponente. The municipality is divided in two hamlets: Borgio, on the coast, and Verezzi, the more ancient center, situated in the mountainous inland.
Borgio is famous for its caves of coloured stalactites, while in the main public square of Verezzi, every year in summer, an important  theatrical festival is performed. Verezzi is included in the most beautiful italian villages list.

The church of my painting is in Borgio. It’s the “Madonna del Buon Consiglio” ’s sanctuary, near the local cemetery. This was the former church of Borgio, until, in 1789, it was constructed another in the historical downtown, the present San Pietro’s church, in front of which is extended a very steep square.

What I prefer in this watercolour, is the shadow projected from the pine on the church apse. This shadow suggests the nearness of the trees to the sanctuary, than therefore it appears emerging from the wood. It’s a small detail that helps to add a bit of charm to a simple painting.


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