Flowers, plants and trees are an always interesting and stimulant subject.
The Nature is the greatest creator of Beauty.

The plant of my sketch is an Anthurium (from the Greek ánthos, ” flower” , and ourá, “tail”), a plant of the equatorial America, much diffusing like indoor plant. This, lives in my fiancée’s mansard. 

Its more striking characteristic are the flowers. As a matter of fact, they’re hermaphrodite inflorescences, called spadix, developed from a colorful leaf known as spathe.
The spathe may be of to single color (yellow, lacquer red, or white) or multicoloured.
Then you draw a plant like this, you’re tempted to render it through the colours, because these render it quickly recognizable.

The challenge can be then to focus your attention on the shape. In the case of the Anthurium, you can notice that it has magnificent large and lanceolate leaves.
Drawing with a technical marker, I have considered whether the general form or the single parts.
Subsequently, I’ve darken some leaves with a graphical chiaroscuro, in order to create the effect of the depth. I’ve intentionally left the vase without shadows, in order to drive the look on the plant.


About liviusnotes

Architect, Graphic Illustrator, Drawing Teacher, Gentleman.
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