My Blocknotes

These are some of my blocknotes.

In the PC Notebook’s age, I like entrust my sketches, my notes, my ideas to the sheets again ─ maybe because I need to detoxicate myself by too much time of work in front of a pc display, maybe because I love the touch of paper ─.

I collect blocknotes of different type and size: album, pocket; ruled, squared, plain; of watercolour, rice, banana leaf paper.
I buy them because I like them as things, but because I imagine what I could write or draw in too.
If any of them are blank, is because them still haven’t revealed to me what ideas they hold.
And you? Where do you write your notes?

About liviusnotes

Architect, Graphic Illustrator, Drawing Teacher, Gentleman.
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One Response to My Blocknotes

  1. Chiara says:

    Je suis aussi une collectionniste de cahiers. Je préfère ceux indiens de papier de riz.

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